“Pixie”: Digital Spy Cast Interview

“It was pretty terrifying, to be honest,” reflected Ben Hardy of his new movie Pixie, but he’s not talking about the deadly gangster priests he comes up against.

Instead, he’s talking to Digital Spy about the Irish accent that he had to adopt for the new gangster comedy-thriller. Luckily, both Hardy and co-star Olivia Cooke could call upon their Irish co-star Daryl McCormack for tips on set, alongside dialect coach Nick Trumble.

“There was lots of going up to Daryl, and just being like, ‘Is that how you would say this? Is that how you would say that? Does that sound all right?’. But it was definitely daunting. I just didn’t want it to be one of the worst Irish accents of all time,” Hardy added.

McCormack thought his co-stars passed the accent test with “flying colours” and like a good friend, he’d tell them that on set all the time – not that they’d believe him.

“They didn’t believe me throughout the whole film. So if they don’t believe me now, there’s nothing I can do,” he joked.

“I sat in with some of the dialect sessions with Nick Trumble, and he was very, very good, and very specific. Because I grew up around that area, and he was getting the sounds exactly as I would have heard them growing up.”

You can read the rest of the interview and watch the video over at the Digital Spy website