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2021 Feb 25

Photos: ‘Pixie’ Screen Captures

Photos: ‘Pixie’ Screen Captures

I have just added over 1,000 HD screen captures of Pixie into the gallery. Head over and enjoy!

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Film Productions > 2020 | Pixie > Captures

2021 Feb 05

‘Pixie’ To Be Released in US in March

‘Pixie’ To Be Released in US in March

Saban Films has officially set a release date for Pixie in the US — March 5th — in both theaters and On Demand.

From Screen Rant:

The first trailer and poster for the US release of Pixie shows off Alec Baldwin’s comic turn as a deadly Irish gangster priest. The veteran actor, who recently revealed he was thrilled to lose his SNL job playing Donald Trump, is the biggest name in a strong cast for the British crime comedy. Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One, Sound of Metal), Ben Hardy (X-Men: Apocalypse, Bohemian Rhapsody), and Colm Meaney (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) round out the ensemble.

Pixie is directed by Barnaby Thompson, best known as a producer on a number of 1990s comedies, including Wayne’s World (the cast of whom just reunited for an Uber Eats Super Bowl ad), Wayne’s World 2, and Coneheads, from a script by his son, Preston Thompson. Set in Ireland, Pixie is billed as a crime caper, following the titular Pixie (Cooke) on the run with a pair of hapless wannabe criminals (Hardy and Daryl McCormack) after a heist gone wrong. What ensues is an escape across Ireland, with the trio pursued by a number of gangsters, one of whom is a vengeful, deadly priest.

In an exclusive, Screen Rant has the first US trailer and poster for Pixie, showing off Baldwin’s thick Irish accent and menacing turn as Father Hector McGrath. The trailer also shows off the movie’s anarchic approach to comedy, and a number of action set pieces that tease some intense encounters between the clergy and the heroes. The humor is very Irish, with sarcasm and dry wit dominating, making Pixie very much a product of its country of origin. The Pixie trailer also reveals a US release in theaters, digital and on demand on March 5. You can watch the full trailer and see the poster below:

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2021 Jan 20

Gallery Update (1/20)

Gallery Update (1/20)

I’ve finally gotten Ben’s very first film from when he attended Gryphon School, Far From the Madding Crowd, added into the gallery, along with set photos and stills from “EastEnders”, some photos from the 2013 and 2014 Children in Need shows, as well as a digital scan from a 2018 issue of Soaplife. Enjoy!

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2021 Jan 19

Photos: Stage Productions + Magazine Scans

Photos: Stage Productions + Magazine Scans

I’ve just added a few magazine scans, including a Star Magazine interview from Ben’s first year on EastEnders, as well as stage production photos from the two plays he did professionally after college. Head over to the gallery and check them out!

Gallery Links:
Stage Productions > 2012 | The Physicists
Stage Productions > 2012-2013 | The Judas Kiss
Magazine Scans > December 30, 2013 | Star Magazine
Magazine Scans > October 23, 2018 | Entertainment Weekly

2020 Dec 04

Aldo Kane Embarks on a Journey

Aldo Kane Embarks on a Journey

Aldo Kane is the sort of man you’d want to get lost with. The adventurer and explorer hasn’t just been around the block — he’s been around the world. Multiple times — often alone; with nothing but his wits and expertise to see him safe. Nepal. Greenland. South Sudan. Borneo. Throw a dart at a map, and it’s likely Kane has climbed, hiked or ventured wherever it lands.

As we said; the sort of person you’d want to get lost with. Which brings us to Canada Goose. Because, if Kane is the man you’d want to get lost with, Canada Goose is the brand you’d want to get lost with. Over the years, the winter clothing brand has neatly, stylishly and thermally protected people including polar researchers, Arctic pilots and extreme endurance athletes. If someone needs shielding from the elements, Canada Goose is zipped-up and on-hand to help.

But 2020 has proved a problem for the adventurous. People like Aldo Kane and brands like Canada Goose have been left locked-down and fed-up during a particularly challenging year.

But, never to be dissuaded, the two have teamed up for a unique journey across the wilds of Dartmoor. Staying close to home — but scratching that adventurous itch together — Kane and Canada Goose struck out across the countryside, scaling mountains, traversing the rugged terrain and canoeing across wild Britain together.

Rounding out the trio of adventurers, was Ben Hardy. The Bohemian Rhapsody star and keen marathon runner was more than ready for a rough, tough time exploring the wilderness. Hardy by both name and nature, the actor even trained in parkour for the Ryan Reynolds film Six Underground. But heights, as Kane and Hardy discovered abseiling down the craggy Foggin Tor, still proved a challenge.

“I’m always like this at a height,” says Hardy. “It takes me a second to calibrate. I’ve done it before with heights — but, with like filming and stuff, I would sometimes just get there and kneel down for a bit to acclimatise.”

But, equipped with his Canada Goose gear and Kane’s calm expertise, Hardy made his way safely and swiftly down Foggin Tor. It was perhaps the most challenging activity of the journey — but one of many organised by the adventurer to educate and broaden the horizons of the actors.

“I want to pass it on,” Kane explains of his skillset. “I want to pass on my knowledge and experience to Karla, Arney and Ben, and let them see first hand what it’s like to live in the open.”

You can read the full article by going to The Gentleman’s Journal website.

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