Wendy and Peter Pan

Character: Tootles

Directed by: Jonathan Munby

Written by: J.M. Barrie (novel), Ella Hickson

Venue: The Royal Shakespeare Company

Production Dates: Workshop

Genre: Fantasy

Winter, 1911. Snow is falling across London. Wendy Darling and her brothers sleep peacefully in their bedroom as their parents bicker downstairs. In a sudden flurry of snow their window blows open, and Peter Pan tumbles into their lives – followed by a fractious fairy called Tink. With the help of a little fairy dust, Wendy agrees to fly with Peter to Neverland, seeking an awfully big adventure and the key to her parents’ forgotten happiness – the child they once lost. Once there, Wendy will give the Lost Boys a run for their money, defeat the diabolical pirate, James Hook, and ultimately learn what it really means to grow up.