2020 May 07

Over 200 Artists and Scientists Dare World to Envision a Different Post-Covid Future

Ben – with the likes of Robert de Niro, Alfonso Cuaron, Adam Driver, and Cate Blanchett – is among 200 artists and scientists are urging world leaders that we shouldn’t “go back to normal” once this pandemic is over.

The letter explains:

The ongoing ecological catastrophe is a meta-crisis: the massive extinction of life on Earth is no longer in doubt, and all indicators point to a direct existential threat. Unlike a pandemic, however severe, a global ecological collapse will have immeasurable consequences.

“Pollution, climate change, and the destruction of our remaining natural zones has brought the world to a breaking point,” says the letter.

If you would like to read the full letter and list of signatures, click here to head to Common Dreams.

2019 Dec 19

Photos: “6 Underground” Captures

Photos: “6 Underground” Captures

I’ve just added over 400 HD screen captures of 6 Underground, as well as a poster and stills from the film as well, into the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Film Productions > 2019 | 6 Underground

2019 Dec 11

Photos: “6 Underground” New York Premiere

Photos: “6 Underground” New York Premiere

I’ve just added high quality photos from the New York premiere of 6 Underground, on Netflix on Friday!

Gallery Link:
Events > 2019 > Dec 10 | Netflix’s “6 Underground” New York Premiere

2019 Dec 08

“6 Underground” Trailer

6 Underground will be released THIS Friday on Netflix!